Terms and Conditions Agreement for customers:

The following are the conditions of service of Adext Corp.:

The Customer accepts in behalf of this Agreement that to be successful Adext requires the following conditions to be fulfilled by the Customer:

  1. Successful delivery of results in advertising campaign: The Customer needs to provide the following requirements: a web page, a contact form, a thank you page, Call to Action (CTA), as well as to provide the accurate target audience and a clear definition, image and communication of the product or service.
  2. Successful display of results on the platform’s Dashboard: The Customer is responsible for fulfilling: Installation and validation of pixels and launching the campaign.
  3. Customer accepts that results will be based on conversion rate to clicks. Not in any case on close rate to sales.
  4. There are CMS (Content Management System) that do not have an agreement with SWIT of Google Tag Manager, so Adext Corp. will not be responsible for the results of these customers since there’s not an existing way to display the data on the platform’s Dashboard.
  5. In case The Customer needs to change the URL related to an advertising active campaign, he/she would need to cancel the service and create a new campaign. In case The Customer doesn’t follow this procedure it’s under his/her own liability the traffic taken into the previously entered URL.
    Any other data that needs to be updated, The Customer will be responsible of communicating it only through the official communication channels: CS platform – Zendesk.
  6. Refunds: The customer will have 48 hours after the purchase to request for a refund only if the campaign hasn’t been activated. Adext doesn’t provide any refunds for a campaign that has been activated. This is due the fact that budget in advertising is expensed from the beginning of the period of service. Once the service has been activated if it needs to be suspended before its ending date, Adext will refund the remaining amount of the purchased plan minus the budget already expensed minus an internal cancellation fee. After the first 48 hours and if the campaign hasn’t been launched, Adext would issue a partial refund due to an internal cancellation fee.
  7. Contact to Customer Service: Adext Corp. doesn’t have a service of Customer Service via telephone. Customer agrees to contact Adext Corp. in any case through the official communication channel: CS platform – Zendesk.
  8. Preview of advertisements: Adext Corp. reserves the right to upload all marketing data on behalf of Adext Corp. (Powered by Adext).
  9. Retention policy: For customers holding “Startup Plan” there will be a mandatory commitment for a minimum period of 3 months from the date hereof, due to the Customer’s understanding that 3 months is the minimum time to allow the algorithm to determine the most accurate patterns of the Customer's target audience.
  10. Cancellation/Suspension policy: The Customer agrees that in any case when a suspension or cancellation is needed, the unique channel to submit it is by sending a ticket through Adext’s Customer Service platform at least 48 hours before the billing date. If the Customer doesn’t follow this procedure he accepts that the subscription will continue active and the billing charges related to it. There will be no refunds for payments collected to a subscription that didn’t request a cancellation at least 48 hours before the billing date.
    1. XI. Coupon conditions:
    2. The coupon can only be used in our plans, of English or Spanish sites.
    3. The code only applies per contracted campaign, it cannot be used to hire several planes from a single account, CS (customer service) department can review your specific case at help.adext.com
    4. If you do enter your coupon code at the moment of your purchase, you will be charged with the normal fare.
    5. Used or expired coupons will be not valid, please contact us through help.adext.com to receive another option.
    6. Verify that the correct discount price is applied at the time of payment.
    7. This coupon is valid for 30 days from the day you receive it.
    8. The discount of this coupon is permanent, it will be renewed month after month, once the service is canceled, this benefit will be lost.
    9. If your payment is annual, you can get an additional discount to your coupon.
    10. It does not apply if you already had a campaign with Adext previously.
    11. If you want to upgrade your plan to a higher one and keep your discount, contact customer service at help.adext.com
    12. You cannot use two coupon codes for the same campaign.

Adext may make changes to any products or services offered on the Site, or to the applicable prices for any such products or services, at any time, without notice.
The Customer agrees that by acquiring any of the products or services included in this website it’s accepting all conditions explained in this Agreement.

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