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Potential audience size:

Expected return on investment:

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What does this mean?

The size of the potential audience is an estimate that may vary depending on your business industry, country where you’re offering your product or service, big data gathered about your target market, among other important factors.

These estimations are calculated considering that 80% of the total cost of the plan is for the ad spent, so it will be directly paid to the media where your ads will be shown (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Every plan includes:

Automated creation of intelligent ads on:

Adext on your team:

  • Superior Artificial Intelligence
  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Technical Support and Guidance

What are the benefits of having ADEXT on your team?

Besides the ad spend, all of the plans include the following benefits:

Superior Artificial Intelligence

  • Digital campaigns automation

    ADEXT automates the creation of online advertising campaigns on Internet’s main platforms.

  • Investment decisions based on Big Data

    It determines the most profitable media for your business, after analyzing successful patterns from thousands of campaigns across the world.

  • Constant optimization through Machine Learning technology

    As time goes by, ADEXT learns what works best for your business, optimizing your campaigns constantly.

Centralized Dashboard

  • Real-time reports

    You can monitor the results of your campaigns daily and in real-time.

  • Access to the Platform’s Dashboard

    You can visualize key performance indicators of all your ads in one place.

  • Recommendations to measure the results of your campaigns

    ADEXT will provide you with the best practices in order to measure all your campaign results.

Technical Support and Guidance

  • Specialized Support Platform

    All the plans include access to our Customer Service and Support platform. Our specialists will deal with your requests and you will have access to guides and tutorials that will ensure that you can use ADEXT to your best advantage.

  • Support material

    You will receive guides and materials that will help you get the most out of ADEXT and optimize your website so it generates more conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each plan includes the benefits mentioned before.

The difference between them is what you’re willing to invest to generate more visitors, more customers and more sales for your business.

It’s important to emphasize that approximately 80% of the total cost of the plan is for the ad spend and it will be directly paid to the digital media where your ads will be shown, such as Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The remaining percentage will cover all of the benefits previously mentioned, as well as the maintenance of the platform.

We’ve noticed that the minimum amount required to obtain results is the Startup Plan. However, we know that the growth of your business has no limits, and that’s why we’ve created more ambitious investment plans. If you’re interested in escalating your business to the next level, check the Enterprise Plans.

As with any other investment plan, the revenue is proportional to the investment. We cannot determine a fixed number of visitors or leads that you’ll be receiving on your website, since this depends on many other factors that don’t necessarily relate to ADEXT:

- Product or service quality or guarantee.
- Line of Business –which determines competition, market’s volume and demand–.
- How well optimized the website is for generating conversions, in other words, for converting the visitors you receive into leads or customers.
- The follow-up that your sales area does.
- Location where you’re offering your product or service.
- Among many others…

What you can be certain of, is that if you have a website that properly communicates the best of your product or service and is optimized for generating conversions, ADEXT will be a tremendous ally for increasing your sales, since it will draw to your website potential customers interested in what you’re offering.

From the very first week you’ll start receiving visitors and potential customers on your website.

Remember that, the longer your campaigns remain active, the better your results will be optimized based on what ADEXT learns.

ADEXT is not a digital marketing agency. It’s an Artificial Intelligence platform programmed to automate the creation, management and optimization of advertising campaigns on Internet’s main platforms.

It makes the smartest investment decisions by analyzing millions of data around the world (Big Data).

Also, it incorporates Machine Learning technology to learn and identify what works best for your business, so it can optimize your campaigns 24/7.

Being automated as it is, it eliminates the operative costs that digital agencies charge, allowing most of your budget to be directly invested in digital media.

You can find out more information about ADEXT's differentiators compared to a digital marketing agency on this infographic or in this article that delves more into the subject.

You can make the payment by credit or debit card or through PayPal.

No, nevertheless, we recommend you remain active for at least 3 months, so that you give ADEXT’s intelligent algorithms the chance to learn what works best for your business, to use that information to optimize your campaigns and improve your results.

Remember that, the higher the investment it, the sooner you can expect your ROI.

Indeed, ADEXT automates the whole process of creating, managing and optimizing your ad campaigns on Internet’s main platforms.

All you need to do at the beginning of the process is tell ADEXT about your business and your target market, so it has the necessary information to implement your campaigns.

In order for ADEXT to report the key performance indicators, you need to install the Tags on your website and include a Thank You Page to measure your conversions.

No, it only includes the advertising strategy, that is to say, the creation and optimization of your ad campaigns on Internet’s main platforms.

The payment is monthly and recurring. However, you can cancel your subscription if you notify the Customer Service team 5 business days prior to the renovation date.

Yes, ADEXT has gathered data from thousands of digital campaigns across the world, from multiple business industries, so it already has information to know what works best for each line of business.

No, it also works for conventional websites. The only difference is the type of conversion. In an e-commerce, the desired conversions are the online-generated sales, whereas a website may have as a conversion goal the registration of leads or potential customers that enter their information on a form to be contacted later by the sales area.

ADEXT will decide which are the most profitable digital media for your business to show your ads on those and it will make the smartest investment decisions after having processed and analyzed which are the ones generating more conversions or sales. Depending on this, your ads could be shown on many media or just a few.

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