ADEXT is an intelligent platform programmed to automate marketing and sales processes by creating, managing and optimizing advertisement campaigns in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other sites related to your business. Through these ads, ADEXT impacts and attracts potential customers to your website.

It works by means of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning technology, with intelligent algorithms that process and analyze hundreds of millions of data in real time, to spot trends and successful patterns from other companies like yours; learning throughout the process how to invest in the right digital media, redirecting your budget towards the ones that are generating you the most sales.
ADEXT has experience working with all types of industries. Our intelligent algorithms learn and applies trends that best work for each type of business.
By creating fully automated campaign ads within the main internet platforms, it impacts and attracts to your website only with users that may represents potential customers for your business.

Through Machine Learning technology, ADEXT analyzes and learns from historical Big Data trends to know what is giving the best results for each type of industry.

If your website is optimized to generate sales, follows the best practices to get the most out of the platform, and maintains an efficient sales process, you can be certain that ADEXT will prove to be a great ally to increase your sales.
To implement ADEXT you need to have a website fully optimized to generate sales.
If you still don’t have a website, it’s time to create one! And the best way to ensure that it looks just like you imagine, is to create it by your own through (that makes this process easy and simple) or (for e-commerce).

You could also hire a digital agency or a developer to make your site.
The process is quite easy, since ADEXT will do pretty much everything for you.

All you have to do is register on the platform, share some basic information about your business, so ADEXT can have the necessary context to create your campaigns and, finally, hire the plan that best fits your needs and goals.

Once our system receives your payment (it can take up to 2 business days to be processed, depending on the payment method), your campaigns will be activated.

If you login to the platform, you'll be able to monitor your campaign's results. If you want ADEXT to measure the basic advertising metrics, you'll need to install a tracking code or Tag on your website.
The number of visits, prospects, and customers you receive will be related to other external factors not related to ADEXT, such as your type of target market (demand) and the temporality of your product or service, how well is your website optimized to generate sales, and the implementation of best practices to exploit the platform.

Therefore, it varies from client to client.

The time your campaigns remain active is also a determining factor, since optimal performance is achieved in average after the first three months.
Sure! By accessing the platform’s dashboard, you will be able monitor the campaign results and see how many visits, leads and potential customers are generating your campaigns. In order for ADEXT to measure basic metrics, you must install a tracking URL on your website.
You can review more detailed information on each plan by clicking on the following link: or clicking the “Pricing” option in Home Page.
You can pay by credit and debit cards; or through PayPal.
A monthly payment. The account is charged monthly. You can also pay an advance to secure discounts between 5% and 15%.
Keeping the algorithm operating for at least 3 months is essential for the algorithms to learn what works best with your business and thus provide better results month after month.
If you pay months in advance, the following discounts will apply:

Package / Months in advance3 months6 months12 months

Note: the maximum discount per user, regardless of payment method, is 15%.
It all begins here: You will register there and provide basic information of your business for ADEXT to create your campaigns.
You will receive visits and potential customers from week 1 on.
ADEXT is not a digital marketing agency. It is the first platform that automates marketing and sales processes through artificial intelligence.

ADEXT offers much more competitive prices since, by automating these processes, it does not encompass human work in its final operational price, as it is the case with agencies.

Furthermore, results are significantly more satisfactory, since human error is eliminated, which usually occurs when performing these mechanical and repetitive tasks.

The same budget you would invest in a traditional agency will prove to be as if you were investing three times as much with ADEXT. Read this article to find out the rest of the key differentiators between ADEXT and a digital marketing agency.


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